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The Freedome Association

The Freedome Association is a newly established non-profit association, which was founded in Denmark on 18th of June 2020.

We are by no means a traditional association, but future-conscious grassroots who came together to facilitate self-sufficiency in food for the individual / families – specifically by contributing with know-how and knowledge, and performing fundraising for people who want to cultivate food on their own land (even in minus degrees). A special material combined with the sun, makes self-sufficiency possible all year round in a Biodome, even in winter and without the use of electricity in Scandinavian latitudes, almost.

A large construction company that we contacted will sponsor and help kick-start an independent self-sufficiency movement in Denmark and Scandinavia at our request. The Freedome Association’s role is solely to convey and be a ‘midwife’, so that the knowledge and material to cover a Biodome can reach as many Danes (and Scandinavians and Germans) as possible. However, people have to pay for the construction of the Biodome themselves (wood, screws, spears, for example – which have nothing to do with the company). In addition, there are transportation costs of the material itself. It is expected that there will be support from more sponsors, crowdfunding, etc. NB! Donations will be reduction in prize. Our pilot phase is limited, ie. a number of Biodomes will have to be built in DK in the first pilot phase before the second phase is planned.

One must be a member of the association to apply for donation/reduction in prize of material for a Biodome, be ethical and honorable, and be able to document the completion of the Biodome and the cultivation of vegetables / fruits / herbs on video / photo. Cultivation of vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. must take place with organic, unirradiated and untreated biological seeds, and as far as possible in accordance with organic/ecological and / or biodynamic principles.

An approx. 6 meter wide Biodome
(during winter it may need extra light at our latitudes in comparison with the USA – sunlight, wind, etc.) Food storage is an option if growth return is smaller in the winter. This construction retains heat at sub-zero temperatures without electricity in sunlight, is biodegradable, has high light transparency, lasts for 20-25 years, and is virtually tornado-proof. Buckminster Fuller was the pioneer of geodesic domes. Dome of Visions had a geodetic Buckminster Fuller dome in Copenhagen in front of the Black Diamond

The purpose of the association’s § 1 is to strengthen freedom of the individual by promoting self-sufficiency in food with Biodome (geodetic) domes and other self-sufficient models.

By self-sufficiency we mean 1) independence / self-sufficiency in food in Biodome geodetic domes and other innovative food-self-sufficiency models with a special transparent material, which makes it possible to retain heat, even in winter, and as far as possible create 2) extra energy for The Biodome dome, both with low-tech and / or hi-tech solutions.

Secondly the aim is also – in the long run – to promote interest in 3) Geodomes, geodetic domes or similar. innovative housing models near (or integrated with) a Biodome – ie. a local geosphere (home) to complement the local biosphere (food).

We are passionate grassroots who aim to promote interest in these simple but revolutionary solutions for all enlightened and committed private individuals / families in Denmark via fundraising, crowdfunding, events, contingents / members, social media, communicative networking and other similar efforts.

What could be the consequences for you in the future?

  1. Stop going to the supermarket, well, maybe, almost -if you e.g. are vegetarian, vegan. Would you like to have your own food, m.m. in your own backyard, land, on the roof, etc.?
  2. Avoid false organic goods and chemically harmful vegetables, foods
  3. Would you like the security and certainty that your own food is unpolluted by the air, rain, soil? Biodome protects against many things in the air.
  4. Do you want to be sovereign, independent and free – no longer financially taken hostage by being at the mercy of the big food monopolies?
  5. Maybe save up to 90% or 100% on green expenses?

The word ‘Freedome’ is a reference to the increased freedom of the individual
through protected self-sufficiency in a Biodome, not that it is free as
free of charge. However, the plants are – like nature that grows by itself with
real care – free. A Freeman with a Freedome…

The whole purpose of this noble endeavor, which is far more than a prepper-oriented association, is that locally protected production base in food for the individual / families, is crucial for well-being in the independence of the individual, as an inalienable human right – not least under financial hardship and times when food production may be hit hard in the future. The autonomy of the individual at the most basic level is paramount to human thriving, if not surviving. Seasonal vegetables in Denmark are made independent in a Biodome, an invaluable advantage. Vegetables, medicinal herbs and other things can be grown that are not possible in our latitudes otherwise. However, self-sufficiency is a positive Win-Win situation, no matter what.

All financial income is used non-profit exclusively for the purposes of the association to support the above efforts.

The Freedom Association’s logos & ethos will also act in accordance with natural law as well as the individual, inalienable and inviolable freedoms of the individual.

We sincerely hope for sponsors, support, financial support and moral support of all kinds for the well-being of the individual and family.

Furthermore, the Freedome Movement is actively working to establish Biodome blueprints through contact with other like-minded self-sufficiency colonies in other countries, in addition to Scandinavia. Several so-called Freedome ambassadors will work in the Freedome Association.

The currency of the future is biological resources and social networks.

May the forces of nature be with you….

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